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We are so excited to announce our next charity....

For the next few months, five dollars from every purchase will be donated to Canadian Women's Foundation!

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The Canadian Women’s Foundation is Canada’s public foundation for women and girls.

They empower women and girls in Canada to move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence and leadership. Thanks to the support of their donors, they have funded over 1,400 community programs across Canada and have become one of the 10 largest women’s foundations in the world.

The Canadian Women’s Foundation’s work:

Helping women move out of violence

The Foundation supports programs that help women and their children rebuild their lives after experiencing violence, and that teach youth how to develop healthy relationships.  

Helping women move out of poverty

Women can get the support they need to move out of poverty through programs that help them start a small business, get work experience, or enter the skilled trades. They are also offered other essential supports like childcare, interest-free loans, mentorships, and financial literacy workshops.

Helping women move into leadership

Many of the programs the Foundation supports offer opportunities for women and girls to take on leadership. The Canadian Women’s Foundation Leadership Institute offers professional leadership training for women who work in the non-profit sector.

Helping girls move into confidence

The Canadian Women’s Foundation helps girls in Canada move into confidence by funding dynamic programs that engage their bodies, minds, and spirits. In these programs, girls can explore science and technology, play sports, learn to think critically, or take on leadership, in a supportive all-girl environment.

To learn more about the Canadian Women’s Foundation, visit Interested in hosting your own fundraiser? Head to for tips.


We at Moving Mountains are so grateful for the work that the Canadian Women's Foundation does and we are so excited to be supporting their work through our inspirational and empowering pieces for the coming months! 

Posted: May 31 2017 in Our Charities


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