New Charity Announcement: MATCH International Women's Fund

We are thrilled to announce that starting June 1st we will be directing our donations to MATCH International Women's Fund!

MATCH international women’s fund is working at the intersection of women’s rights and innovation. They fund grassroots women’s rights organizations that are holding ground and breaking ground for women’s rights. They are committed to sharing their stories as they dismantle barriers, challenge perceptions, and find solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

They are all about homegrown solutions to the issues that women, girls, and trans* people face. Like us, they dream of a world where there are more solutions than there are barriers.
How do they do it? (That’s where we come in.) They channel donations directly to the brave women, girls, and trans* folks working at the grassroots level to implement the solutions. This means supporting the girls boxing in the slums of Nairobi, the underground network of LGBT folks in Kampala, and the women taking hospitals to task in Xalapa. 

The MATCH International Women’s Fund gives everyone the opportunity to use their power for good in this lifetime. Women, girls, and trans* people at the grassroots will lead movements for transformative change: dismantling barriers, changing systems, challenging perceptions, and transforming society.


Posted: May 30 2018 in Our Charities


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