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      What's New

      Supporting Girls Education

      When I first started Moving Mountains it felt impossible to choose only one place to direct our donations. I felt pulled in so many directions for causes that spoke to my heart. I decided, instead of choosing one charity to focus on, that I would rotate organizations every few months and spread some good all around. It has worked well for us and supporting organizations big and small has been wonderful. But, as Moving Mountains has changed over these last 3 years, so has my understanding and thoughts on the issues facing women and girls around the globe. I am honoured to have partnered with so many worthy organizations over the years and contributed over $4800 to the work they are doing. However, I have felt my heart calling me a certain direction and I have decided to follow it.

      As of now, Moving Mountains will be focussing on supporting the education of girls in developing countries. We know that when girls are given access to education they are given the power to transform their families, communities, countries, and the world. The longer girls stay in school, the higher their incomes, the less likely they will be forced into childhood marriages, the more opportunity they have for a rewarding future, and so much more. When we empower women and girls with education we see lasting impacts and meaningful improvements not just for the individual, but entire communities. 

      We have chosen a partner organization to make this contribution impactful and moving forward, for every piece sold, we will be supporting education for girls in developing countries. 

      Please reach out if you have any questions about our mission! We are excited to see what the future holds for Moving Mountains and are eager to start on this new path with you!

      xo Brittany
      Creator of Moving Mountains

      New Charity Announcement: Ottawa Food Bank

      In light of everything happening in the world right now as a result of Covid-19, we have decided to make a small shift in our priorities here at Moving Mountains. Although our mission and values will remain: to inspire and empower women and girls, we have decided to temporarily change where we direct our donations. 

      Usually we donate $5 from every piece sold to organizations supporting women and girls, but right now we believe our contributions are needed for a different cause: helping to feed our vulnerable community members. In light of this, we will be directing all of our donations to the Ottawa Food Bank until further notice. 

      Here in our home city, Ottawa, and around the world we are seeing an increased demand at food banks. We hope to do our small part to contribute to the work they are doing!

      If you or someone you know is hungry and in need of a little help, please visit to find the community food program that’s closest to you. 

      If you need a little piece of inspiration for you or someone you love, please know that we are still here for you! We are packaging orders with clean hands and lots of love, while maintaining social distancing from our home office. Our free shipping is sent by regular mail and requires no trip to the post office! 

      Stay safe and take care of one another, friends! 


      New Charity Announcement: Girls Action Foundation

      We are so thrilled to announce that we are currently supporting the work of the Girls Action Foundation! They are a national organization advancing the empowerment of girls and young women across Canada. At Girls Action, they envision a world where every girl has access to resources, opportunities, and support to realize their full potential. 

      They are building a movement of active, engaged individuals and organizations across Canada! Through this movement, they envision a new generation committed to creating a more just society for all. 


      Girls Action Logo

      Creating Spaces for Girls and Young Women

      Despite the barriers, girls and young women are leading in their communities. They are an important source of creativity and innovation in realizing long-term social change. 

      Girls Action provides spaces for girls to speak out, build skills, and create action on issues that are important and real to them. Their local programs address violence prevention, health promotion, media literacy, and leadership. Their national program offers long-term investment and support to young women who are changemakers in their communities. 

      How can you join the movement?

      RESOURCES: Girls Action has a series of publications for girls' programmers and young leaders available to download for free online. 

      VOLUNTEER: Get involved in the creation and implementation of projects that support and inspire girls and young women. 

      DONATE: Contributions to Girls Action support girls empowerment programs, training for educators, and seed grants for young women change-makers. 


      Final out more at

      New Charity Announcement: The Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre

      We are thrilled to announce that starting August 1st we will be directing our donations to the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre.

      Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre Logo

      The ORCC provides a magnitude of services including a 24/7 crisis line, group or individual counseling, public education, advocacy and accompaniment.
      Their services focus on - supporting survivors, raising awareness, empowering community, pressing for changes in our systems, and more.

      We have chosen the ORCC because of a wonderful nomination email that we received from a women who has used the ORCC services.We are grateful to learn more about incredible organizations impacting the lives of women.

      "They are honestly so deserving and work incredibly hard to provide survivors with a multitude of services at no cost. I was able to receive a year of counselling, as well as access to group therapy and endless resources. They’ve worked incredibly hard to make the space as accessible and welcoming as possible, providing everything from snacks to journals to hygiene and contraception. These women work on a volunteer basis and really put their hearts and souls into every aspect of their jobs." - Anonymous Nominator

       Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre donation explanation

      They are many ways to get involved and support the work of the ORCC including volunteering, participating in their fundraising events, assisting with advocacy campaigns and so much more.

      We are honoured to be supporting the work of the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre over the next few months!

      New Charity Announcement: MATCH International Women's Fund

      We are thrilled to announce that starting June 1st we will be directing our donations to MATCH International Women's Fund!

      MATCH international women’s fund is working at the intersection of women’s rights and innovation. They fund grassroots women’s rights organizations that are holding ground and breaking ground for women’s rights. They are committed to sharing their stories as they dismantle barriers, challenge perceptions, and find solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

      They are all about homegrown solutions to the issues that women, girls, and trans* people face. Like us, they dream of a world where there are more solutions than there are barriers.
      How do they do it? (That’s where we come in.) They channel donations directly to the brave women, girls, and trans* folks working at the grassroots level to implement the solutions. This means supporting the girls boxing in the slums of Nairobi, the underground network of LGBT folks in Kampala, and the women taking hospitals to task in Xalapa. 

      The MATCH International Women’s Fund gives everyone the opportunity to use their power for good in this lifetime. Women, girls, and trans* people at the grassroots will lead movements for transformative change: dismantling barriers, changing systems, challenging perceptions, and transforming society.