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      Solace Collection

      Moving Mountains is thrilled to offer a new collaborative collection with Genevieve Georget.⁠

      Gen Georget s a writer, photographer, and storyteller who has, again and again, shared with us how she navigates the brokenness that comes with being human. Her words have inspired, reassured, emboldened, and shaped the way others have journeyed through the messy bits of life. ⁠

      We are honoured to incorporate her heart and her words in the new Solace Collection (named after her recent book, Solace: A Journal of Human Experience). We hope this new collection will leave you with renewed hope for what lies ahead and infinite freedom to be any version of yourself.⁠

      The Solace Collection will be available by pre-order starting Monday July 20th until Tuesday July 28th only! Shop the pre-sale to be guaranteed your necklace from this limited time collaborative collection! ⁠