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      Q) How do you give back for each piece sold?

      A) We partner with Plan International to provide girls in developing countries with the support they need to carry on with their education. This in turn gives them choices about a future that doesn’t only include marriage and motherhood. It gives them the choice to do just about anything. Which in turn, helps their parents, their brothers, their sisters, their communities – everyone – see that girls really can do anything they set their minds to, if only they have the chance.

      There are so many things that stand in the way of girls continuing their education. These include poverty, poor health and nutrition, early pregnancy, domestic responsibilities, violence, lack of girl's bathrooms at schools, and gender inequality. Together we can take small steps in removing these barriers and empowering girls to change the world in their own ways and on their own terms. 

      Q) Where is the jewellery made?

      A) We try our hardest to produce our jewellery in a positive and ethical way. We are currently transitioning how and where our pieces are made, so most of our listings give details for each item. Our new collections are all designed and engraved in our Ottawa studio using metals crafted by a family-run business in the United States. Our original collection was designed in Ottawa, but produced in a women-owned production facility in Toronto. 

      Q) What about the other items you sell - where are they made?

      A) We are happy to say that all of our apparel is also produced in Canada! On each product listing we include some information on where the item is made. Our digital art prints are all designed by Canadian artists as well.

      Q) Are you still a for-profit company?

      A) Giving is at the core of our business, but we also want to be open about the fact we do make a profit from the sale of Moving Mountains products. We believe it is possible to have a business that does well and does good. 

      Q) Where do your products ship?

      A) We offer free standard shipping within Canada and the USA. At the check out you can also choose to upgrade to faster shipping and include package tracking if you wish. Unfortunately at this time we are not able to offer shipping to other countries.

      Q) Do you make custom jewellery?

      A) We sure do - you can customize every style we offer! Check out the all of our custom listings over here or shoot us an email and we can help you find what you are looking for!