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      Q) So, if I buy an item you will donate $5?

      A) That is right! Five dollars from each piece sold goes to supporting women-focused charities and not-for-profits. Every few months, we highlight a new organization and all money raised during that time will go to the amazing work that they are doing. The organizations are all working to make a difference in the lives of women and girls, either locally or around the world.

      With every purchase made with Moving Mountains, we are helping women overcome obstacles and diversity. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of so many.

      Q) How do you choose your charity?

      A) We started by creating a big list of organizations that we loved and were doing amazing work. We wanted to include a wide variety of organizations that assist women locally and globally in various aspects of their lives. From there we just started reaching out and trying to find the right fit for both us and the organizations. Our hope is that our community would contribute as well and start suggesting organizations that we hadn’t yet heard of!

      Q) Where is the jewellery made?

      A) It was important to us that all of our products be manufactured in an ethical and positive work environment. It took a lot of searching, but we eventually found an amazing manufacturer in Toronto, Canada. Our products are made in an excellent environment by a company that was created and is run by two exceptional women (how awesome is that!). They work with us to turn our designs into high quality products that we are confident are made in a safe and positive space.

      Q) What about the other items you sell - where are they made?

      A) We are happy to say that all of our apparel is also produced in Canada! On each product listing we include some information on where the item is made. Our digital art prints are all designed by Canadian artists as well.

      Q) Are you still a for-profit company?

      A) Giving is at the core of our business, but we also want to be open about the fact we do make a profit from the sale of Moving Mountains products. Instead of having things like "a portion of the proceeds" or "10% of the profits" we want to be clear and transparent on exactly how much we donate - $5 from every individual piece purchased. We believe it is possible to have a business that does well and does good. 

      Q) Where do your products ship?

      A) We offer free standard shipping within Canada and the USA. At the check out you can also choose to upgrade to faster shipping and include package tracking if you wish. Unfortunately at this time we are not able to offer shipping to other countries.

      Q) What if I know of a really awesome organization that supports women and girls?

      A) Hook us up with the details! We love hearing about amazing organizations that we can donate to! Send us an email