Get Involved


Do you know of an amazing organization that we should support? We are always searching for new organizations that we can share with our community and select as the recipients of our fundraising.

Send us an email with the name and some information on the organization. Maybe tell us why you think they are so awesome and I am sure we will love them just as much!



If you are working on your own initiative or fundraising event, we would love to help out. We have fundraising kits available where we send you a number of our pieces (however many you need) and for every piece you sell we will donate $5 to your initiative. For large orders we have the opportunity to increase the amount we donate - in lieu of discounts we like to give back even more!

There are a few rules on partnering with us, but most importantly is that your initiative must meet our purpose and goals to support women and girls locally and around the globe.

Get in touch with us for more details and we’ll send you information on how to collaborate on your own fundraiser.