• 30" Sterling Silver Chain
  • 30" Sterling Silver Chain
  • 30" Sterling Silver Chain

30" Sterling Silver Chain


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Did you already fall in love with one of our short signature pendants and now you wish you had the longer 30" chain? Well you are in luck - you can still snag yourself the 30" long chain! 

A few things to know:

1. Your current pendant actually doesn't fit over the extender on your current chain. Hindsight is 20/20, am I right? The good news, it's a simple twist and you are in long chain freedom. You can easily use some small pliers to twist the O-ring that connects your pendant to your chain, then slip the old chain out and twist it back closed. The pendant will fit over the clasp on the new 30" chain. 

2. The 30" long chain is sterling silver, instead of silver plated like the short chain. This means that it will tarnish (as silver does) over time and exposure. Just give it quick wipe with a polishing cloth or silver cleaner and you are good to go. If you treat your jewellery well then it will last a long time. 

3. For this piece we are not able to make a $5 donation. Since we want to give people the option to upgrade to the new chains (that have not always been available) at a low cost. We are honoured for your original purchase of the classic short chain and we are grateful to have been able to donate the $5 at that time. 


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